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Biggest Underground House

In case you're wondering what the biggest underground house in the world is, then I'll give you the answer. The biggest underground house is an abandoned missile silo. Yes, I'm sure there are cavern and cave homes that come close, but several decommissioned nuclear missile silos provide very comfortable living quarters for several people.

biggest underground house

Don and Charlene Zwonitzer in Nebraska have converted one of the Atlas missile silos into the biggest underground home at 15,000 square feet. Remember years ago, watching those old black and white movies of grain silos and the Grain Planes falling away and nuclear missiles rocketing away to Russia or China to begin World War III?

Well, the Zwonitzer's have what is left of this and instead have converted for pennies on the dollar this underground bunker into a fine home. Ed Peden of Kansas has an 18,000 square foot underground house that also used to be an Atlas missile base. But, Ed only uses about one-third or 6,000 sq. ft. of this decommissioned base for living areas so I'm putting him at number two on the list.

The third biggest underground house in the world is going to be a judgment call on my part. Bruce Townsley in Texas also converted an old, nuclear missile launch site into one of the biggest underground houses in the world.

The square footage is unknown, but what is known is that the home has a 75-ton door on motorized rollers that separates him, at will, from the outside world. This could be the biggest underground house in the world, but without the square footage I'll have to put it into third place.

When the U. S. was engaged with both Russia and China in the nuclear arms race, people were building fallout shelters right and left. These weren't very big structures however. Now that at three superpowers are disarming their nuclear weapons, people are taking advantage of these huge, well-built underground spaces and turning them into secure, private housing.

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