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Biggest Tree House

The biggest tree house in the world is an amazing sight. It's really hard to imagine a house that is constructed on a tree and that too with the usage of ropes and wooden logs. Yes the biggest tree house has about 10 stories and an area of about 10,000 square feet.

biggest tree house

It was Horace Burgess, the famous architect who designed this tree house 16 years back. It is built on a single tree which is about 80 feet high whereas the house is about 97 feet high. Seeing its height it should not be called a house it should actually be called as a tree mansion. Horace still has plans of adding more stories to the house, but this could turn out to be a tough task.

Located in Crossville, Tennessee the house was made from recycled wood, ropes and bolts. Because of usage of recycled wood the cost of the house came down significantly to 12,000 dollars. Most of this cost is due to the usage of 250,000 nails used in the construction of the house.

Horace is not an unknown architect, he has build some of the most attractive but different sorts of buildings and this is one of them which is not seen anywhere else in the world. Horace said that he had a dream of building such a house and on its completion he was really overjoyed and said that it was a dream come true for him.

Building a tree house is an art and requires lots of motivation and innovation rather than money. The house has a spiral type of staircase that moves around the tree to reach the top floor. It's really difficult to have luxurious living conditions in this type of house owing to its delicacy due to which items luxurious items cannot be installed. The house has numerous rooms in it and to go along with that it also has conference halls.

custom tree house
The tree house pictured is something one might see in one's dream.

There are certain other things in the house that will definitely draw your attention and these are the basketball court and a swing which is tied from the top floor and runs till the ground floor. You might be surprised on reading that an indoor basketball court and that too on a tree house but it actually it's true. It should be fun playing on such a basket ball court with a different kind of experience.

Due to its uniqueness the house has become a major tourist attraction atleast in the Crossville region. This house is very famous amongst the kids because such a type of tree house was used in the movie Harry Potter and children get very much fascinated.

The house attracts over 5000 tourists in a single month and has become an important tourist location. If you want to have such a house you will need to build one by usage of a small amount of money, some salvaged lumber and lots of motivation and inspiration.

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