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Biggest House in the USA

The biggest house in the USA is something that makes many Americans curious. The United States of America is a country which is known for its wealth throughout the world and when it comes to the biggest houses in the world then we find that Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC is one of the biggest houses of the world and certainly the biggest one in USA (pictured just below).

biggest house USA

Spread over an area of 800 acres this estate was built by George Washington Vanderbilt and has an historic background. The major attraction of this estate is the Biltmore house which is the largest in USA. Unique features and some of the most amazing architectural works in the estate draw in more tourists than any other heritage monument in USA.

Built in 1895, the monument represented the wealth of Vanderbilt family. Some of the best designers of that time, Richard Hunt and Frederick Olmsted designed the mansion and grounds respectively. The design of the mansion by Richard was inspired from a Chateau in France.

Frederick was one of the most honored landscape artists and he was the mastermind behind the creation of New York City's Central park which is pretty famous. The Biltmore house alone is spread over 4 acres of land and has about 250 rooms in it. To go along with all this it also has an indoor pool and a bowling alley where people can have a nice time.

It's not only the size and the numbers that form an attractive feature of the house but it's also the architecture on the walls which attracts tourists from all over the world. This monument has been ranked 8th in the list of America's Favourite Architecture by the Institute of Architecture in USA.

The walls of the house have some of the most primitive and well crafted paintings which will always keep you interested in the house. Certain ancient and historic items like the Napolean's chess set and many bronze sculptures have been placed in the lobby of the house. The library has some of the most exquisite collection of books which are rarely seen anywhere else. The length of the house is such that one needs to take the help of audio guides to see the Biltmore house completely.

To go along with the Biltmore house we have the Biltmore gardens which add beauty to the house. The managers over here have made a calendar to help the tourists and flower lovers to know which species grows in which part of the year and therefore they can plan their trip according to the species they like the most.

The dining area over here in the Biltmore estate serves multi cuisine food and one can choose whether he/she would like to have casual or elegant dining because both of them are available here. Wine is produced in house by the grapes obtained from the gardens and one can enjoy these wines. Also these are available for sale at the gift shop. Therefore the biggest house in USA can be the perfect destination where you can spend your vacation or Christmas holidays.

biggest house America
Of course some say that David Siegel, who is a time share magnet, has the biggest house in the United States (pictured left).

The mansion that Siegel is selling for a cool $75 million boasts 30 rooms, an Olympic sized swimming pool, bowling alley and roller skating rink.

The biggest house in the USA is somewhat open for debate in regard to whether one pays attention to square footage only, the height, width, depth and whether the size of the accompanying grounds matter or not.

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