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Biggest House in Mexico

The biggest house in Mexico is still a mystery and it will need some effort on your part to discover the biggest house in Mexico because as of now there are no evidences that a particular house in Mexico is the biggest one.

Biggest House in Mexico

Therefore it is still unknown as to which house is the biggest one in Mexico, though there are a number of them which are really big. A common thing seen in Mexico is that a lot of big houses are situated really close to each other, for instance in Reynosa there are huge houses in close proximity.

Most of the biggest houses of the world have an outdoor swimming pool but due to cold weather conditions in Mexico the houses have an indoor swimming pool which adds to the beauty and charm of the house. Las Lomas is one famous district in Mexico which has some of the biggest mansions and houses of Mexico.

Actually an estate was built in this area to cater to the needs of wealthier people of Mexico. Even the house of world's richest man Carlos Slim Helú lies in this area. His house is the biggest mansion in this area. Located in the north western region of Mexico, Las Lomas has continued to expand in size and has many huge houses.

Lomas de Chapultepec was the first estate built in this region and seeing its success other states like Lomas Altas and Bosques de Las Lomas also grew in this region. This region also saw La Colina del Perro estate which belonged to the President of Mexico, Lopez Portillo. The houses in this Lomas region are extremely big with all the modern facilities like swimming pool and gymnasium inside and are inhabited mostly by the upper class immigrants from Europe.

Chapultepec Castle that was created in the year 1775 is also one of the biggest houses of Mexico. This castle lies on the Chapultepec hill which forms the mid part of the Chapultepec Park. Maximilian 1 was the emperor during whose reign this 220 feet high castle was designed and built. In recent years this castle has been used as a site for shooting of various films like William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

The castle also has an aerial garden which is located on the roof of the castle. Besides all this, royal furniture items were brought from Europe and were used by the emperor who used this palace for his stay. Nowadays this castle has turned into a museum and is no longer a residential area.

Thus we see that there are actually a pack of houses in Mexico which are really big and it will take an intensive survey to determine which one of them is actually the biggest of all. One thing is certainly sure that if we are to determine the area in which we will find the biggest house of Mexico then it certainly has to be the Lomas region.

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