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Biggest House in England

The British will tell you what the biggest house in England is. Great Britain is one place which is famous for its castles and ancient monuments. Some of the biggest houses in England include the Windsor Castle which along with the Buckingham Palace and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

Biggest House in England

These forms the official residences of the British monarch and they not only form the biggest house in England but the biggest house in the world (according to some, especially the British). If you'll visit the biggest house homepage you'll notice that Windsor Castle and other non-British residence both claim the same honor.

Queen Elizabeth II has been residing in the Windsor Castle since 1952. Located in Berkshire this house is spread over a total area of 484,000 square feet and has a covered area of about 13 acres. The castle has witnessed many new and attractive changes in the past years and currently has about 1000 rooms in it.

The design of the biggest house in England is influenced by the buildings of ancient times and somewhat reflects the lifestyle of kings and queens of the ancient times. Built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, the castle was mainly used by him for his defensive activities for London. It was his grandson King Henry that made this fortress into a castle where one could live.

Until the 15th century many regarded this castle as a safe place to live in whereas others found it like a jail because there were no galleries. It was in the 1820's and 30's under the reign of King George IV that the biggest house in England was renovated and refurnished by an architect of the name of Wyatville. He completely changed the look of the castle by making the buildings symmetrical and furnishing the interiors.

The Windsor castle does not constitute a single building but it is actually a group of buildings wherein the home is located in the central place. The castle also has private and state apartments, a few towers and mansions which add to its beauty. The round tower has flags on it which indicate that whether the queen is the biggest house in England or not. If she is there then a Royal flag is seen and if she is not then a union Jack flag is seen.

Currently Queen Elizabeth II (along with Prince Philip) is using the castle for her stay. This biggest house in England is also famous for its dungeons where many famous personalities have been kept as prisoners. King Charles, Prince James of Scotland, Lord Mayor and King John II are some of the influential personalities that have been prisoners in the Windsor Castle in England.

Thus we see that the biggest house in the England is a really huge and exotic place in which to live. People who are interested in seeing the house can do so during any part of the year, however only certain sections of the castle are open for public view.

With England's biggest house being renovated from time to time it has managed to keep itself updated with the latest trends along with the primitive art forms and sculptures. Thus we find that this house is a blend of both tradition and modernization and makes the British citizenship feel proud.

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