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Biggest House in Canada

The biggest house in Canada was formerly owned by multi-millionaire Peter Grant. An indoor swimming pool, lake in the background, exquisite fireplaces and full windows are some of the attractive features of the biggest house in Canada.

Biggest House in Canada

The home is currently on an auction for $25 million and is spread over 65,000 square feet of land.

One of the unique features of the biggest house in Canada is that it is located in Haileybury, Ontario, within proximity of 140 kilometers from the North Bay. So those who love to live in a cool and calm atmosphere which is free from any kind of hustle and bustle usually found in cities will prefer this house whereas others who work in cities like Toronto and Vancouver will be least interested in the house.

Located beside Lake Temiskaming the house has an excellent view and has an indoor yard wherein a 40 foot long yacht could be stored. To go along with it indoor elevators also enhance the beauty of the house. The bathrooms are very well designed and have a big tub where one can have lots of fun while having a shower.

The biggest house in Canada has wide fireplaces in almost every room. A swimming pool and a gym area are also incorporated within the house. This house previously belonged to Peter Grant of the Grant Forests Inc., as previously mentioned, but due to financial crisis he had to auction the house.

This was his dream house where he wanted to stay his family and establish a corporate office but sadly when the biggest house in Canada was ready for move-in he was bankrupt and therefore had to put his house up for sale. Talking of Grant Incorporated, it was once the third largest producer of strand board in North America and Mr. Grant was considered as one of the wealthier individuals of North America.

In recent times, due to recession in the US markets, his company underperformed and came into debt. In order to compensate for the debt the court ordered to auction all of the properties and assets that belonged to this company. The biggest house in Canada is being auctioned for $25 million however being near the lake and with no city nearby the house it's going to be difficult for the sellers to dispose of it.

As far as the house is concerned it is a new and magnificent property, and it isn't furnished yet but one can use furnishing of their choice after buying the house. One thing is for sure is that this requires a special buyer with special needs because people usually do not like to mix their personal life with corporate life.

The biggest house in Canada is about the same size as Bill Gate's home in Seattle, Washington in the U. S. Its design is however, how shall we say, a bit on the modernistic side.

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