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Biggest Fraternity House

The biggest fraternity house probably isn't what you think it is. You might be thinking what actually a fraternity house is? Or if you've seen a movie such as "Animal House" then you'll get the general idea (and no, it's not Phe Phi Pho Phum).


Of course, if you've been in a fraternity or sorority you'll know exactly what one is. A frat house is actually for a chapter of fraternity. The development of fraternities started long back at the time of Greeks and Romans.

Slowly the number of fraternities began to rise especially in the United States where the law permits a person to join any number of fraternities. In the 20th century almost one third of the men in the US were part of some sort of fraternity.

Fraternities can be of social, professional and honorary type. Educating people, politics, religious beliefs, charity, ethics and skills are some of the main motives why a fraternity is formed. Each chapter of a fraternity is dedicated towards a particular cause or event.

Fraternities are similar to the clubs in a college wherein senior and experienced people pass on their skills to junior and un-trained people. Some of these fraternities maintain a chapter house for its members.

One of the biggest and oldest fraternities of all time is the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. This fraternity belongs to the Florida State University and also has the biggest fraternity house.

The Phi Delta Theta Fraternity works on 3 basic principles- sound learning, having a friendly atmosphere and rectitude. The fraternity offers courses which lay stress on ethics and help the students in acquiring leadership qualities.

This association actually strives to develop the overall personality of a human being and that is why it has adopted the 3 principles which cater to both the educational as well as personality development needs of an individual.

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity house is the biggest of all and is spread over 40,000 square feet of area. The house that cost over $4 million is comprised of three buildings back to back. One of these buildings is a chapter house while the other 2 buildings are town houses with private rooms and bathrooms.

Both the town houses are double storied and can accommodate about 60-70 people. The house has a huge living room where most of the meetings of the fraternity are carried out. The house also forms the place where the complete fraternity can organize a party and enjoy. The house also has a swimming pool and most of the parties that take place in the house are pool side parties.

Thus we see that one of the biggest fraternities of the world Phi Delta Theta has the biggest fraternity house as well. Living together in a single house will help the members to learn brotherhood and will give a feeling of oneness. The Phi Delta Theta fraternity house is owned and managed by the alumni.

The alumnus of this particular fraternity is not that strict but at the same time it is very responsible and takes appropriate measures when necessary. With fraternities becoming more popular every year we may soon see an even bigger fraternity house which will easily cater to the needs of its members.

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