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Biggest Doghouse

The biggest doghouse in the world is a matter of some debate. If someone asks you a question, "Name the most loyal animal?" Most people will answer it saying it is the dog. It's this animal which always tends to find a special place in your heart and most of the times you fall in love with them.

biggest dog house

Just as human beings need a house to live in, the dogs too need one to live where they can enjoy, eat, play, rest and do all other activities they would like to. The house not only protects the dog from extreme climatic conditions but also provides shelter and in a way having a doghouse will help you to have a clean house for yourself.

Presumably the biggest doghouse in the world was the one that MilkBone built in May 2008 (pictured) and displayed in New York City. The event was to promote the company's 100 year anniversary and much of the building was constructed out of their products. Ivanka Trump and Cristian de la Fuente were there in attendance.

Then there is another kind of big doghouse. People often carry their pets along with them on a vacation and you need to find some private place where you can stay.

dog bark inn
The Dog Bark Inn in Cottonwood, ID (pictured) is one such location wherein you can stay and have lots of fun.

The Dog Bark Inn also known as the Sweet Willy, is in the shape of a beagle and is the biggest doghouse of the world. The house is about 30 feet high and has 3 stories wherein 4-6 people can be accommodated easily. The ground floor and the 1st floor which mainly comprises of the legs of the dog is mainly a storage area. In this part of the house you can mainly store your luggage and other equipment that you are carrying.

Use the spiral staircases around one of the legs of the dog to reach the 2nd floor of the doghouse. Just when you enter the second floor you will find the bathroom on the right side. There is also a room for two people on this floor and the bathroom is very appropriately placed and spaced.

The room has comfortable beds with soft walls wherein you can just sit and relax after seeing various spots during the day. Along with the room this floor also has a huge sitting area wherein one can talk about the events that took place during the day.

This place could also be used for having a sun bath and enjoying food together. To reach the third floor of the building you will have to make use of a ladder. The third floor covers the head of the dog and consists of a small bedroom wherein 2 people can sleep easily. There is a small kitchen near the chest of the dog wherein cooking can be performed.

The doghouse has been decorated using primitive sculptures which really fascinate the children. The house has great hospitality facilities as well with cooked food, coffee, muffins and hard boiled eggs available easily near the house. So it's going to be a unique experience staying in the worlds biggest doghouse which I am sure you will enjoy.

dog house addition
Of course, the last example or just plain old big doghouses that have been custom built. These custom build doghouses shown are some of the biggest in the world.

For example what canine wouldn't want its owner to build a whole new addition to the home just for it? While not quite as big as adding another bedroom this large doghouse addition is certainly one way to spoil a pet.

Another way to spoil your dog is to have a huge doghouse in the backyard that some maids or butlers would like to have. This "guesthouse" or doghouse rather is one way to tell Fido or Rover that he or she is indeed a member of the family.
dog guest house

There is also a lady in Los Angeles named Tammy Kassis who spent $20,000 to have a custom built doghouse for her three precious puppies. Then again it's Los Angeles so why not a dog mansion?

Now, if you're really a canine lover, then the next step is to put your dog in your last will and testament and cut the kids out of the loop. Now, that would be a nice doggie treat, now wouldn't it? Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy?

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