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Biggest Celebrity House

The biggest celebrity house is open to some interpretation. These days owning a bigger and expensive house has become somewhat of a social symbol especially amongst the celebrities. It's obviously true that quality of a house cannot be decided on the basis of the price but it takes into account the location, looks and features of the house.

biggest celebrity house

The biggest celebrity house in the world should be situated in a place where there is a lot of greenery and should always be located in a cool and calm place (such as Aaron Spelling's house pictured left).

Famous pop singer Madonna owns a house in Wiltshire, England. The house is spread over 1200 acres of lands and was previously owned by Cecil Beaton, the famous photographer who died in the year 2002. He was the man responsible to rebuild this structure by renovating it from time to time.

The house named Ashcombe is really close to Madonna's heart because she learned the skills of hunting, fishing and riding horses here. Located in a deep valley and being surrounded by greenery the house has the best photographic view. This house is near the house of singer Sting and his wife, Traudie Styler who happen to be good friends of Madonna.

With their divorce in 2008 the custody of the house went to her husband Guy Ritchie who has made several alterations in the house since then. Another influential personality named Joel Horowitz who is the co- founder of the Tommy Hilfiger has his house in the state of Nevada. This luxurious house named as Tranquility is located beside the Lake Tahoe and is pretty famous amongst the Europeans. The house covers an area of 22,000 square feet which is huge and has 9 master bedrooms along with 13 bathrooms.

Some of the other attractions of the house are an indoor swimming pool, a hall with 19 seats where one can enjoy a movie with friends and family, and a couple of golf courses. The master bedrooms have excellent carvings of sculptures on the walls and have been decorated using paintings from ancient times.

If you have a look at the photographs of this house then you will find it a real magnificent place to live in. Another celebrity who owns a big house in Santa Barbara, California is Oprah Winfrey (pictured below).

The house is surrounded by mountains and trees giving it an excellent look and has a total covered area of 23,000 square feet. With 6 master bedrooms and a theatre the house is a perfect match of beauty and elegance.
biggest celebrity house USA

The house has an artificial lake and the path around it is made from some special sandstone material. People all over the world love this house solemnly for the reason that it is very well located. Apart from these celebrities others like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie all own what they may call the biggest celebrity house (depending upon definition) which are usually located in the outskirts of a city so that enjoy their stay in the house away from the general public and media.

Formerly owned by Bing Crosby, The Manor is on the block for $150 million and is 56,500 square feet, slightly larger than the White House. President Barack Obama, a celebrity in his own right lives in one of the largest homes in the U. S. which is the White House.

How about the former Merv Griffin house that was also owned by Lana Turner? Ah yes, well it does have some competition.

Here is a list of others who are vying for the title of biggest celebrity house in the world:

  Will Smith
Eddie Murphy
Hugh Hefner
Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch
Denzel Washington
Kobe Bryant
Aaron Spelling
Miley Cirus
Steven Spielberg
Bill Gates
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Gene Simmons
Tom Cruise
Justin Timberlake
Rod Stewart
Barbara Streisand
Nicolas Cage

You see that the title of biggest celebrity house cannot be given lightly. Square footage may be one measurement along with the measurements of amenities that go with the house and the grounds surrounding the home. Do we count swimming pools, detached butler, maids, guest quarters, along with stables and acreage?

I'll let you be the judge. But, if you're ever lucky enough to own one or just step foot into one, please send pictures. I'll be waiting.

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