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The biggest house in the world is the topic of open debate. Part of the issue is in defining what the biggest house actually is.

biggest house
Biggest house in the world

For instance, the biggest house on Earth according to the English-speaking majority is the Windsor Castle, in Berkshire, England which is around 484,000 square feet in size. This is the principle retreat of Queen Elizabeth II. But, what if you're not talking strictly about a house, but a home or even a secondary property especially among non-English speaking people?

If this is the case, then perhaps mansions, palaces and other private residences may come into play as well. If a private residence qualifies as the biggest house worldwide then the skyscraper (27 story that could become 41 stories) that Mukesh Ambani is building in Mumbai, India at the cost of $2 billion would qualify.

If, Then ...

If the biggest house that one refers to is a palace, then the Nation of Brunei on the Island of Borneo, has a 1788-room palace owned by Istana Nurul Iman that qualifies in this category. This large, palatial spread is 2,152,782 square feet in size.

Compare this to the Royal Palace of Madrid at 1,453,122 square feet, Buckingham Palace at 828,818 square feet, the Palace of Versailles at 551,218 square feet and this dwarfs Windsor Castle by a long shot.

biggest house
Another contender for biggest house title

Now, we have already talked about Windsor Castle being the biggest house in the world, but is it even the largest castle? The answer, simply is no.

Some of the larger castles include Malbork in Poland, Prague Castle in the Czech Republic (and favorite of the Guinness Book of World Records) and Burghausen in Germany.

So, let's talk about big homes in the USA for a moment. The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina holds this honor with 175,000 square feet under one roof. By comparison the Hearst Castle and its collection of buildings are only 90,000 square feet.

So, which is the biggest house in the entire world? It's your choice. Choose a house, estate, palace, mansion, skyscraper or other property to fit your own definition. And this will simplify matters immensely.

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